Braces for Adults

So you are an adult who needs braces? Welcome to the club, 35% more adults are getting braces now-a-days.

We understand that you might feel “embarrassed” but have you ever though of this……crooked teeth are less attractive than braces. Braces show that you are bettering your smile, your oral health and your appearance in general.

As we age, crooked teeth tend to lose their charm. They can even lead to TMJ or periodontal disease. ┬áSo those dentist appointments you look forward to can be more frequent if you don’t take care of your orthodontic issues now.

Still not convinced you can rock metal braces? Consider the alternatives, they may be pricier yet they are most definitely worth the investment. ┬áCeramic braces are in lay terms “clear braces”. These more esthetically pleasing braces use the same technology as traditional metal braces yet since they are porcelain they are barely visible.

If even “barely visible braces” doesn’t cut it for you and you want “invisible braces”. Invisalign can be an option to consider. We do want to advise you that not all orthodontic problems can be corrected with Invisalign.

Now that you are aware of the importance of straight teeth and the options you have in aligning them, make your complimentary consultation with Dr. Irigoyen.