Brace Yourself for 2015

2015 is right around the corner and Dr. Irigoyen is beyond excited for what the New Year will entail. However, before we look into the New Year it is important that we look back at 2014.

2014 has been a year of growth and change. We can’t forget our lucky contest winners and the “selfies” Dr. Irigoyen took with each one of them.  (insert gallery of photos). Most importantly 2014 was a year filled with team celebrations; every birthday and holiday went noticed. Halloween was especially fun, since Dr. Irigoyen dressed up and did not once get out of character throughout the day. Our Thanksgiving lunch was more than memorable since it had a Miami twist to it. Instead of turkey and mashed potatoes we enjoyed rice, black beans and roasted pork.  Celebrations like the ones mentioned re-instated the feeling of family among Dr. Irigoyen and staff. (insert gallery)

The Holiday season is a wonderful reminder that the relationships Dr. Irigoyen holds with his patients is special. We consider our patients our friends and have their smiles in our best interest. To the patients that had their braces removed this year we congratulate you as you have completed your orthodontic journey and have a beautiful smile to show for all your hard work. As for those patients who had braces placed in 2014, we congratulate you and your family for choosing Dr. Irigoyen to begin your path to a beautiful healthy smile.